Hotelier Summit Asia aims to add value and support the collaborative progression of the Hospitality sector in Southeast Asia by offering various networking opportunities, enabling participants to build targeted connections and exchange information. In addition, conference agenda will offer insights on the current trends of the hospitality industry and outline action plans that are adaptable to the ever-evolving marketplace. All this will occur in a plush, comfortable, 5-star environment of learning and networking.

WHY you should invest in the Asian hospitality market?

Economic acceleration with improving currencies in the region has led to constant increase in the tourism sector, boosting the hospitality industry in the Southeast Asian countries.

  • Southeast Asian tourism is one of the fastest growing in the world
  • Asia Pacific hotel transaction volume increased by 8% y-o-y to US$2.8 billion in Q1 2018
  • Indonesia is the regional leader in terms of hospitality projects in its pipeline with 123, while Thailand has 87, Vietnam has 81, Malaysia has 78, and the Philippines has 40


Who are our Buyers?
  • Hotel Owners
  • Hotel operators
  • Developers
  • Architects
  • Interior designers
  • Consultants (PMCs & MEPs)
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Who are our Suppliers?
  • Bath & Sanitation
  • Doors, Windows & Furnishings
  • Elevators & Escalators
  • Fitness, Spa & Pool
  • Furniture & Furnishings
  • Glass, Glazing & Facades
  • HVAC
  • Lighting Solutions
  • Mattresses and Linen
  • Tiles & Ceramics
  • Wood, Veneers & Floorings
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What can you Expect?
  • img 80+ Delegates
  • img 60+ Suppliers
  • img 1800+ Face-to-Face Meetings
  • img960 Minutes of Networking
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what happens at the summit?



Gain knowledge and insights from profound speeches and presentations by experts of the Hospitality industry



An interactive Q&A session comprising expert panellists and prequalified buyers and suppliers collaboratively addressing challenges faced in the industry



Garner the interest of leading investors and partners in the audience through a presentation to showcase your unique product or service



Participate in effective networking activities designed to develop strategic relationships with key investors and prospective partners



A unique opportunity to interact one-to-one with decision makers of companies and the chance to seal the deal at the summit



Seeing is believing! We provide you with an exhibiting space to display your products and work with renowned project owners and developers. Get noticed and create a lasting impression!

Event Program

IDE’s 2nd Annual Hotelier Summit Asia 2018: A 20/20 Event

At IDE, we believe in the power of 20 minutes. The 2nd Annual Hotelier Summit Asia 2018 is a hospitality B2B experience that consists of judiciously planned chunks of 20 minutes to procure the right partners for your projects, to learn about new innovations in the hospitality industry, to find a solution to a long-running issue, to galvanize networking with peers in a structured way, or to simply inspire or be inspired.

At the core of our summits is also the centrifugal force of networking. Networking is the key to any successful B2B summit, but unlike other events where networking is an unorganized, free-for-all process where many potential partnerships go unrecognized, we make sure that our networking sessions are structured and that you have one foot in the door before you even meet potential networking partners.

Our goal is not to just host you at a gala business summit but to leave you with an experience that is beneficial, inspiring and above all memorable – it’s what we call a complete 20/20 event.

The event program that follows is a window into the experience points that awaits you at the summit.

Witness the power of 20 minutes.

The 20/20 Event Program
Day 1 – Wednesday, 5th December 2018
  • 09:20
    Day 1: Selamat Datang

    The hotelier summit experience begins with participant registration.
    * Prize Notice - Set the alarms because the early bird gets the prize - the first 20 participants to register will be eligible for a prize through a lucky draw on Day 2!

    10:00 – 10:20
    Day 1: 20/20 Vision Revealed

    A complete run through of the different experience points that will transpire on Day 1. The day briefing will give participants a clear 20/20 vision of the day

    10:20 – 12:20
    Fishbowl Connect – Stage 1
    An engaging networking preface for participants

    Fishbowl Connect is a special networking format that helps all attendees learn about one another through 60-second introductions. Participants respond to the introductions as a lead or a reference and are then matched for networking in Stage 2. The aim of this activity is to create an engaging and interactive session that will eventually lead to identification of new leads, references, requirements and organizations.
    * Prize Notice –
    1. The best elevator pitch at the Fishbowl Connect Stage 1 will be presented with a prize on Day 2.
    2. The participant that receives the most number of lead cards will be presented with an award on Day 2.
    3. The participant that gives out the most reference cards will be presented with an award on Day 2.

    12:20 – 13:40

    Each of our sponsors will be given a separate dining table for lunch and they can invite up to 5 other participants to join them at their table. Invite cards will be presented to sponsors during registration.

    13:40 – 14:00
    Speed Dating Brief -

    Participants are enlightened about the prescheduled face-toface meeting format.

    14:00 – 15:40
    Day 1: Speed Dating Sessions [ 01 – 05]

    Our summit’s centrepiece event is the prescheduled 20 minute face-to-face meetings between prequalified c-level decision makers of buying and supplier companies. Deals for over 200 top of the line hospitality projects will potentially be decided at these exclusive meetings. These meetings are organized in a way to save these companies time, effort, money and resources and help meet their project requirements, and shorten their sales cycle.
    * Award Notice – Participants that display the best ideal match will receive an award during presentations on Day 2.

    15:40 – 16:00
    Viewfinder Networking Break

    They say a lot can happen over coffee, and so here is your time to unwind and network with your fellow participants while sipping a warm cup of java.

    The Hotelier Panorama

    Gain insight into the hotel industry in 20 bite sized points from our curated list of presentations from industry experts. This will be a wide-angled view of the industry that you would not want to miss!

    16:00 – 16:20
    Topic: The Right Design Adds Value - Through the Lens of Sustainability

    Featured Speaker: Stephen Albert, Director at BLINK Design Group

    16:20 – 16:40
    Topic: Green Hotels

    Featured Speaker: Naning Adiwoso, Chairperson at Green Building Council Indonesia

    16:40 – 17:00
    Topic: Disruptive innovations in the Hospitality Industry

    Featured Speaker: Cetin Sekercioglu, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder at Upgrading.cc

    17:00 – 17:20
    Topic: The Evolution and Relevance of Hotel Branding in Asia: From the Sarkies Brothers to Minor Group

    Featured Speaker: Kevin Wallace, CEO at T&T Hospitality

    17:20 – 17:40
    Topic: Experiential Hotel-Connecting Emotions

    Featured Speaker: Isebelle Miaja, Founder & Managing Director of Miaja Design Group

    17:40 – 18:00
    Topic: Best Practices in MEP for the Hospitality Industry

    Featured Speaker: Kamlesh Changrani, General Manager - MEP Sales, International MEP Projects Division, Sterling and Wilson, India

    18:00 – 18:20
    Day 1: Closing Summary

    Closing words and a brief on Fishbowl Connect Stage 2- Networking Round.

    18:20 – 20:20
    Fishbowl Connect – Stage 2
    Networking Round

    All the participants are encouraged to reach out to their leads and references based on the notes they received during Stage 1.
    * Award Notice - The participant that collects the most number of delegate numbers will receive an award during presentations on Day 2.

    20:20 onwards
    Gala Dinner

    Each of our sponsors will be given a separate dining table at our gala dinner and they can invite up to 5 other participants to join them at their table. Invite cards will be presented to sponsors during registration.

Day 2 – Thursday, 6th December 2018
  • 09:20
    Day 2: Selamat Kembali

    Participants register for day 2.
    We have some fun activities lined up for our registrants –
    * Photo-shoot
    * Snippet Interviews
    * Selfies with Props

    10:20 – 10:40
    Day 2: Welcome Address / Day Briefing / Prize Distribution

    A complete run through of the different experience points that will transpire on Day 2. The day briefing will give participants a clear 20/20 vision of the day.

    - Luck Draw - First 20 Registrants of Day 1

    - The Cicero Award - Best Elevator Pitch

    (Fishbowl Connect Stage 1)

    10:40 – 12:20
    Day 2: Speed Dating Sessions [ 06 – 10]
    12:20 – 13:40
    13:40 – 15:40
    Discovery Sessions - Speed Mentoring Rounds 1 & 2

    The goal of these sessions is to bring focussed discussion on important and contemporary topics prevailing in the hotel industry, with the help of a mentor who is an expert on the topic. Each session will have multiple discussions and are geared to be moments of discovery – engrossing, speedy and thought-provoking discussions where the mentor and participants engage in an open yet structured process, leading to new solutions, innovations and ideas. For each topic, the mentor will drive the conversation while engaging participants in thought-provoking ways.

    Each participant can be part of up to two discussions.
    This two-hour long event will be divided into two sessions of one hour each and will cover the following topics:

    Topic 1:The Design Tendencies That Focus On the Health and Wellness Experience at Hotels

    The Global Wellness Institute estimates that the global wellness tourism industry is expected to exceed $800 billion by 2020. Asia is a significant contributor to this niche, luxury segment. This focused group discusses the design trends challenges and opportunities that lie within the health and wellness segment in hospitality

    Topic 2: Hotel Rooms That Offer ‘A Home-A Lifestyle’ In A Hotel - Personalisation And Flexibility In Hotels

    The ever-changing habits of a traveller shape his needs and expectations. Personalisation and flexibility are now a mainstream offering by most top hotels - in its lobbies, rooms, corridors, gardens or kitchens.

    Topic 3: Hotels That Are ‘Stories’ in the Instagram Age

    Hotels can increase bookings and build new relationships with their audience with the power of Instagram stories and influencers

    Topic 4: Capitalizing In Technology - The Trodden and the Less Trodden Paths

    • The innovative world of hotel technology has a lot to offer - from industry mainstays to gaming
    • Facilitated direct booking platforms
    • Hyper-connected hotel rooms
    • Tech lounges and high-tech meeting rooms
    • Virtual concierge
    • Robo-staff
    • Predictive analytics
    • Interactive walls
    • Virtual reality
    • Blockchain

    Topic 5: Maximising the Revenues and Return on Investment by Controlling Costs. Who Has Got the Hot Potato - the Owners, Designers, Consultants or Operators?

    Topic 6: The Energy Efficiency And Energy Conservation In Hotels - An Assessment Of The Eco Practices

    The Carbon Trust estimates that you could cut your hotel's energy bills by as much as 20% just by implementing simple and inexpensive eco measures. Yet the hospitality industry uses substantial amount of energy with a disturbingly low level of energy-efficiency. The effects include emissions to and pollution off water resources, soil, and the air, noise, as well as the excessive use of locally available and/or imported natural and otherresources.

    Topic 7: Innovative Ways to Beef-Up the Hotel’s Safety and Security

    • Guest Information security
    • Surveillance and safety
    • Accident mitigation
    • Disaster Management

    Topic 8: Leveraging the Business Value of Hotels With Innovative Products and Materials For Hotels - Seen and the Unseen, Heard and the Un-Heard

    Topic 9: Hotelier’s Potpourri: All About Hotels That You Know and Would Like to Know

    An open discussion for participants to talk about their experience and ideas related to the hotel industry.

    Topic 10: Mega Trends in the Hotel Industry – Planning, Design, Execution and Operational Stage

    15:40 – 16:00
    Discovery Session Analysis

    Each mentor from the Discovery Sessions will summarize their findings to all the participants in a span of two minutes.

    16:00 – 16:20
    Closing Remarks and Award Distribution

    Awards for:
    - The Hospitality Magnet

    (For the participant that received the most number of lead cards during Fishbowl Connect Stage 1)

    - Assist Extraordinaire

    (For the participant that gave out most number of reference cards during Fishbowl Connect Stage 1)

    - The Kingpin

    (For the Best Networker during Fishbowl Connect Stage 2)

    - Hospitality Guru

    (For the Best Mentor of the Discovery Sessions))

    - Hotelier Summit’s Confluence Award

    (For the Best Ideal Match at the Speed Dating Sessions)


Sheraton Grand Jakarta Gandaria City Hotel

One of the world’s greatest megalopolises, Jakarta is a dynamic city of daunting extremes with surreal juxtapositions on every street corner. The city is also the centre and melting pot of Indonesian culture guaranteed to showcase people of all sorts here. It has the country’s top museums, the greatest diversity of restaurants and public spaces in countless shopping malls. You will find that the people are among the most friendly, hospitable, and helpful people you'll find on earth. The city boasts some of the best nightlife in Asia.


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