At Healthscape Summit, we plan to harness the collective strength of our partners, putting them in a stronger position to advance common interests and goals, including providing higher quality care with greater cost efficiency


Andhra Pradesh Medtech Zone Limited Startegic Partner

Andhra Pradesh MedTech Zone Limited (popularly known as AMTZ) is an enterprise under the Government of Andhra Pradesh, a 270 Acre zone, dedicated for Medical Device Manufacturing. The objective behind this ‘One-Stop- Solution’ is not only to reduce the cost of manufacturing up to 40% or to just simplify the end-to- end operations but also to reduce the import dependency, which is presently around 75%. AMTZ envisions to put India on the global map of high end medical equipment production and make health care products affordable and accessible not only for India but for world at large.

The creation of such a zone is based on the fact that medical devices manufacturing requires certain high investment facilities which are too capital intensive for individual manufactures to invest upon.The zone with in-house high investment scientific facilities would help manufacturers reduce the cost of manufacturing by more than 40%-50%. Currently, due to lack of such centrally located sharable facilities, either manufacturers do not undertake production of technologies requiring them or send their products abroad for process up-gradation and value addition. While the zone would have all such facilities in-house to reduce manufacturing process costs, it would be in an area which is well connected with Railways, Roadways, Waterways and Airways with near presence of Industrial Corridors, and Port to reduce logistical costs.

Association of Indian Manufacturers of Medical Devices strategic Partner

AiMeD is an Umbrella Association of Indian Manufacturers of Medical Devices covering all types of Medical Devices including Consumables, Disposables, Equipments, Instruments, Electronics, Diagnostics and Implants. With a Primary Membership of over 300 Manufacturers and additionally of over 200 Associate Members representing the interest of over 700 Manufacturers of Medical Devices to address the manufacturer’s problems.

The aim behind forming AiMeD is allow the Indian Government to access a single point of contact and provide various services to the manufacturers like Advocacy on policy issues, Information services, Regulations for Medical Devices, Education and Training, services, Testing Assistance and guidance for Quality Certification (ISO, CE, GMP), Lobbying for funding for R&D from the Government, encourage innovations from member units, Improve clinician and patient access to the modern, innovative and reliable Medical Device technologies through organizing and supporting Meeting, Seminars, Symposia, Exhibitions and Demonstrations and also, to promote global harmonization and respect for the Indian Device Industry.


Advance Media Group Media Partner Healthscape Summit

Advance Media Group is the parent organization which publishes Medgate Today Magazine which particularly caters the Health fraternity in India and across the world.

The whole Idea and entire concept of this magazine is to educate 1.2 billion population which is indeed a very much daunting task but Advance media group has taken the initiative and taken Health as an importance issue for India because the subject of health in India is of massive importance and in order to educate this Asian melting pot where people of different descents and cultures are living together and making it an extremely diverse nation.

Medgate Today Magazine which is an entirely health centric magazine has recognized the need of creating awareness in India amongst the least informed section of society where health education has been ignored due to lack of resources and the aim of Medgate Today Magazine is to reach those outlets which can really influence the minds of the patients and can provide them effective information and guidance which can help patients in their respective decisions concerned with health.

Medgate Today is one of the leading International Magazine of Healthcare, which is having a very strong presence in Asia . Headquartered in India and having a pan India presence on a larger scale, Medgate Today caters the Doctors and Hospitals in Asia. It is a unique platform catering to diverse health & lifestyle sectors (ranging from health writers, doctors, hospitals, pharma companies, domestic, Medical & Dental colleges, hospital, doctor, Diagnostic center,Physiotherapy, Ayurveda, nature & Yoga, Homeopathy, Bio-Medical equipment industry, including the medical professionals. Corporate Houses, Retailers & Dealers & like) in providing the latest updates in the world of medicine, health, fitness & well-being and segments of lifestyle as well.

Medgate Today is acting as a bridge in the Healthcare arena and this media organization is very much centric to objectivity and reports without any prejudice approach on healthcare issues in India and abroad therefore maintaining the code of ethics and standards of healthcare journalism.


Taurus Glocal Knowledge Partner Healthscape Summit

Taurus Glocal is a committed consulting partner across the Healthcare stakeholders including private sector, public health and the communities around us, in India and globaly.
Taurus Glocal’s approach to management and technology consulting combines deep healthcare expertise with strong capabilities in strategy, organization, analytics, technology and operations. By leveraging its expertise, TG anticipates, identifies and addresses customer's specific needs.
As a trusted, long-term partner, TG works side by side with healthcare clients, offering expert, objective advice to help solve their most important and complex problems.


Quality & Accreditation Institute Healthscape Summit 2018

Quality & Accreditation Institute was set up to create an ecosystem of education, training, quality improvement and accreditation. We believe that this organisation would provide a platform to stakeholders including professionals and organisations, associated with quality in any way, to share their wisdom and knowledge in order to make its Vision realised. This will further provide tremendous opportunities to all concerned to learn and contribute in improving organisations engaged with QAI. Different activities would be initiated under different verticals in a manner that they remain independent of each other.

Association Partners

Fifth Annual Hotelier Summit  Africa 2018 association partner world architecture

NATHEALTH has been created with the Vision to “Be the credible and unified voice in improving access and quality of healthcare”. Leading Healthcare Service Providers, Medical Technology Providers (Devices & Equipment), Diagnostic Service Providers, Health Insurance companies, Health Education Institutions, Healthcare Publishers and other stakeholders have come together to build NATHEALTH as a common platform to power the next wave of progress in Indian Healthcare. NATHEALTH is an inclusive Institution that has representation of small & medium hospitals and nursing homes. NATHEALTH is committed to work on its Mission to encourage innovation, help bridge the skill and capacity gap, help shape policy & regulations and enable the environment to fund long term growth. NATHEALTH aims to help build a better and healthier future for both rural and urban India.

Healthscape India 2018

Association of Health care providers (India) represents the vast majority of healthcare providers in India. It is registered under Indian Society Registration Act – 1860 as “not for profit” organization. It educates its members and at the same time, advocates with the government, regulatory bodies and other stakeholders on issues, which have bearing on enabling its member organization in delivering on Universal Healthcare Services to the community at large.

Its vision is to have healthy India, encompassing society, community and common man at the grass root. AHPI undertakes advocacy for healthcare reforms, infrastructural issues, taxation and tariff issues, health insurance concerning matters and any other difficulties faced by the healthcare organizations for healthcare delivery or obtaining healthcare services with equity. AHPI in a short period of time has become the esteemed organization in the healthcare industry comprising of about 10000 hospitals as its members.

Healthscape India 2018

With a growing number of healthcare organizations achieving NABH, NABL and JCI accreditation, there has been a need for a common platform that will facilitate communication amongst the accredited HCOs, share best practices, and provide benchmarking, while promoting and continuously improving the quality and safety of healthcare services provided by the HCOs across India, in collaboration with all stakeholders.

The Consortium of Accredited Healthcare Organisations (CAHO) is a not-for-profit society that was formed to fulfil this need. The primary objective of CAHO is to promote collaboration among accredited hospitals and laboratories to initiate efforts to improve healthcare quality and to work closely with NABH and NABL.

Healthscape India 2018

The Association of National Board Accredited Institutions (ANBAI) was started in response to the decision of the National Board of Examinations (NBE) to take over admissions to medical courses in India. Thereafter it was decided that having an association of DNB (Diplomate of National Board) accredited institutions would greatly help in addressing problems faced by teaching hospitals and students. ANBAI was formally registered at the Registrar of Societies in January 2011.

Currently ANBAI is a body of about 490 NBE Institutions. This association was born with the aim to unite the National Board Accredited Institutions to catalyse their energies toward developing better teaching program and to present a credible and united front to solve problems together. The main focus of this association is to improve the camaraderie and the partnership between the National Board Accredited Institutions in working towards excellence. The association is also a forum to encourage innovative ideas in Post Graduate Medical teaching and hence enhance the standards of our students to International level.

Past partners

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